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The Disciples

Club Background

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History of Our Club

We our guild who has been through a lot in our times. We have been strong, yet we have been weak. We have had a number of people in our guild, and a number of different personalities. We have had betrayal and great loyalties, we are and old guild who has seen members go and come as Merentha changes.

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The Disciples


"Kala's quest was to seek the gods. The new age which was born because of

her troubled her deeply. She believed in the gods, and she felt she was

the only one. In a world where people could fly though the air and

discover dozens of new race, or sail the seas and find new lands which

were never before known. In such a world people no longer praised nor

believed in the existence of the gods." Kala, 8-3,4

The Disciples have seen the people grow power hungry, greedy and forget

their idols and gods. They plan to bring back the Beliefs and Religions of

Old by setting their religious beliefs and standards as a model to the

people of the land. It will be a shinning light of hope to all those who

may come to respect and worship the gods.

It is the goal of the Disciples to prevent another disaster by uniting and

strengthening the followers of the gods and possible swaying others into

holy pilgrimage or just daily prayer, and in doing so to Remember and

respect the gods and bring the worship of the gods back to the people.

They Do this by setting an example morally and ethically as well as

guiding those in need through dark times and offering their charitable

services to those who would need them.

What we stand for

We are a guild of friend.